6 Things the New Africa Must Have

new africa

The new Africa must be a place that inspires hope and confidence. The new Africa must have practical solutions to the problems Africa is currently facing. The new Africa must have an identity of its own and should be able to make global impact. For this to happen, the new Africa must have the following.


The African Plan
The new Africa must have an African plan which clearly shows how the continent wants to position itself globally in the near future. The plan must carefully address Africa’s past problems like famine and wars whiles planning on how to use Africa’s abundant natural resources strategically.

modern african city

A Model African Country
South Africa has been Africa’s model country for some time now. It can boast of natural resources and a strong economy. The problem with South Africa is that many analysts link its success to the influence of the whites who still live in the country and call themselves white South Africans. The Northern African Countries are doing great but prefers to be called Arabs rather than Africans. Africa needs a new model country devoid of foreign influences that can be the Hope of Africa.


A Functioning African Reserve Bank
Switzerland is the world’s bank when it comes to global financial savings. Most African individuals and countries prefer to keep their monies in Swiss banks because they have confidence in them. Africa needs an African Reserve Bank that can keep Africa’s monies… simple.

african industry

An Industrial Hub
The new Africa needs an industrial hub to produce the things Africans need. This industrial hub would be strategic because it would cut off China’s supply of inferior goods to African and provide custom goods and services that serve the needs of Africans whiles creating employment for Africans.


A United African Currency
No single currency from Africa would be taken seriously on the world market because of intimidation from super currencies like the Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen but a united African currency powered by several industrial African nations can stand the test of time.

media africa

An African Media Power House
The Americans have CNN, the Europeans have BBC and Reuters and the Arabs Al Jazeera. These global news agencies project their countries of origin in a positive light whiles Africa is left in darkness. Africa is left to suffer because there is no media power house serving its interest. Africa needs to set its own news agenda.

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3 Reasons Why the Ghanaian Middle Class Must take Up Entrepreneurship

Julian and Rebekah Opuni

Middle class Ghana consists of mostly salaried and professional Ghanaians who earn study income and form the second largest Ghanaian class pool. Entrepreneurship in Ghana is mostly targeted at the inexperienced unemployed Ghanaians who have no idea about business and are just out of school which is wrong. Entrepreneurship must be targeted at the middle class Ghanaians who have the desire to do it and here are the reasons

Experience and Exposure of the Middle Class
Since the middle class Ghana are mostly working professionals like teachers, nurses and bankers, Entrepreneurs from the middle class have the working experience and some technical know-how which gives them the necessary exposure to start and sustain businesses successfully.

Availability of Start-up Capital
Middle class Ghanaians like I said previously are mostly working professionals and when encouraged can save some of their salaries as seed capital to start their small businesses.

Social Responsibility to the Lower Class
As Ghanaians were are responsible for our fellow Ghanaians. The lower class who form the majority of the Ghanaian class pool are no strangers; they are our friends and family members. The middle class can provide employment to the lower class through entrepreneurship and thereby impacting their lives positively.

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4 Ghanaian Business Sectors to Invest Now

business sectors
The Ghanaian business environment is filled with businessmen and women who constantly engage in trial and error kind of business. Speculation in Ghana determines which business is a boom and which business does not make desired profits.
Most Ghanaian businessmen and women are either traders in our markets or into importation of foreign goods but the problem is they do not research to know the Ghanaian business sectors and what it requires to thrive in these business sectors. Below are four Ghanaian business sectors to invest.

Mobile phone vendor, Accra, Ghana, November 10, 2006. (Photo by Arne Hoel)

The Trade Sector
This business sector is the most common business sector in Ghana. Ghanaians have a big taste for new things especially foreign goods. The trade sector is dominated by foreign goods and big time industry players end up in importation.
Advantages of this sector are Ghanaians buy a lot of foreign things they don’t need so there is always market for your products. Also the sector does not require lots of capital to start, people normally start small and grow the business with time.
Disadvantages are there are lots of competitors in this sector and big businesses always collapse smaller ones also the business thrives best on location.



service 3

The Service Sector
The service sector requires lots of capital and special skills, the most common examples are food joints, hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals. The housing deficit in Ghana has made renting and leasing lucrative in this sector.
The advantage in this sector is that the sector makes long term returns that is after you build one of these facilities, you continue to make money as long as the facility exist. This sector performs well in Ghana compared with all the other business sectors also the profit margins in this business sector are very high.
The disadvantage with this sector is that it requires lots of capital to start.


manufacturing sector

The Manufacturing Sector
This sector requires lots of special skills and capital. The Ghanaian economy has been unfair to this sector because governments have failed to give the manufacturing sector the needed support and attention. Most Ghanaians often see made in Ghana products as inferior and unattractive. Also Ghanaians often complain of poor finishing of Ghanaian goods. The cost of production in Ghana is very high and the needed power to produce is not available in recent times.
The hard truth is that most people who enter into this sector fail because of cheaper alternatives from china. The manufacturing sector is Ghana’s ticket to glory so let’s not bother ourselves with the advantages and disadvantages of this sector and leave it to the government to figure it out.

service sector

The Agricultural Sector
This sector feeds the nation and has the brightest potential. The sector also has the capacity to employ the most in Ghana. The problem with this sector is it’s unattractive. This is because Ghanaians think of farming as a job for the lower class and the uneducated. Ghana lacks the technology and facilities to preserve foods in large quantities and this causes lots of food waste in this sector.
The agricultural sector is so unattractive that even the Agriculture graduates trained by Ghanaian universities end up in banks and other public institutions. The agricultural sector was the country’s largest employer in the past but needs transformational players to take it to the next level.
Now you have the 4 Ghanaian business sectors to invest. Go through these sectors carefully and choose where you want to put your money. I hope this information helped.
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A Poem to Mahama


Our country is in crisis
Mahama we cannot afford these prices
Electricity problems and social vices
Parents cannot afford school fees
Schools are still under trees
School children eat from the same bowls in twos and in threes
Electricity is not stable
No food on my table
I believed in the better Ghana agenda
Your political opponents said it was propaganda
Yet to me you were a youthful leader
Soon it was GYEEDA and SUBA
Your ministers no longer care
They create loot and share
Ghanaians look on yet the pain we bear
Ghanaians are not asking for streets of gold
Mahama give us our Ghana of old
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jesus-christ in Africa

They used to be slaves, they still live in caves

They are not civilized, let us criticize

We are still superior, let’s make them feel inferior

We will call them developing nations

We will show our lifestyles on their TV stations

We will sell them our religion

They must forget their tradition

We will give them our education

They will be a confused nation

We will be in command, they will not understand

This will be our agenda, anything else is propaganda

Let us belittle their healers and corrupt their leaders

7 Reasons to Start a Small business in Ghana now

ghana business

Owning a business is a part of the Ghanaian dream. The Ghanaian society has big respect for successful business owners. The surprising thing is that most Ghanaian parents do not encourage their children to go into business. They rather prefer their children being doctors and lawyers.

The new Ghana needs smart businessmen and women who are practical to solve the country’s problems. The modern world is built around commerce but every great thing has a beginning. Here are 7 reasons to start your small business now.

Business excitement

Small businesses in Ghana are exciting to own. Every small business has its ups and downs and as a new owner goes through these ups and downs, the owners get excited when they discover a major breakthrough.

Small Businesses Provide Employment to Others

Your small business will not only put food on your table but would also feed the family of your employee. One small business means one less unemployed Ghanaian.

Tax Advantage

Most small businesses in Ghana are not burdened with tax as compared with the formal sector. The point here is you can make lots of money here compared to your salaried job.

Service to the Community

Your small business is there to serve the community and make the community a better place. Every small business is there to satisfy the community in an extraordinary way. The owners of small business feel accomplished when their business are able to meet this basic goal.

Financial Lessons

Small businesses are practical avenues to learn to learn financial lessons like investments, savings and management. When you start your small business you will learn and master these disciplines.

Stable Source of Income

Your small business will give you a stable source of revenue which could serve as another source of income to supplement your main income source.

Future Prospects

Every small business in Ghana has an incubation period of 5 years and after those years your business can stand the toughest times in the country. After 5 years you will be a master of this business. If you can go through the 12 months annual business cycle 5 consecutive times, then your children’s children will live to see what you started.

Get excited think about a business make that investment, Ghana is waiting to see your business.


My Black Blog

black blog
Hopping from place to place like a frog
Like a complex meal
You are difficult to cook
You are not a great deal
Yet a mystery to look
In you I find my poetry
And very soon it would be a part of history
Be you very good
Or be you not understood
You will always remain my property
Because you have been a priority
If you one day become famous
Please be generous
And do not forget me
For you are a part of me

7 Things Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Would Have Done in 2015 as the Leader of Ghana

dr kwame nkrumah

The vision of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah lives on even after decades of his death. Dr. Nkrumah master mined the greatest developmental plan the country has ever seen. His demise has thrown the country in crisis. This has turned the fortunes of the country around. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah would have done the following in 2015 to change the course of Ghana

Solve the Power Crisis Once and for All

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah would switch the nations domestic power supply to solar, solar is a renewable source of power which is abundant in the country and would not cost a Cedi to the government in terms of power generation. All this great idea needs is just a simple push from the government.

Stabilize the Cedi

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah would forget what the so-called the experts keep saying and would resort to common sense. Domestication is the only to strengthen the cedi not the financial experts.

Inspire Hope and Confidence

Ghanaians have lost hope in their government and the country. Dr. Nkrumah would first put his house in order by putting his government to order and then asking his government to lead by example. This would inspire hope and confidence in Ghanaians.

Get Rid of Corruption

Corruption is crippling the finances of the country. Corruption is gradually eating away the fortunes of the land. Dr. Nkrumah would not only fight corruption as leaders have done but defeat it and get rid of it.

Decongest the Regional Capitals

The ordinary leaders only make investments around the major regional capitals. The ripple effect is that these cities get congested increasing sanitation and health problems. Dr. Nkrumah would decentralize the regional capitals by creating new and modern cities from scratch. He would provide these cities the basic amenities to make them attractive to live in. The multiplying effect would be the decongestion of the regional capitals.

Develop the Private Sector

Ghana needs to create employment and get Ghanaians economically active. Dr. Nkrumah would build the capacity of the private sector by formulating policies and giving tax incentives and electricity to private companies to enable them employ more Ghanaian.

Avoid the IMF Bailout

The country’s economic problems demands African solutions. We understand our country better and can provide solutions that are sustainable. Dr. Nkrumah would simply get his ministers active and brainstorm to avoid an IMF bailout which will not benefit the ordinary Ghanaian at the end of the day.

My Ghanaian Dream

ghanaian dream 5

My Ghanaian dream is to have lots of money
My Ghanaian dream is not funny
My Ghanaian dream includes a house a business and a car
My Ghanaian dream is not far
I dream of comfort and luxury
And it lives in my memory
The Ghanaian is all about me
Everyone else is secondary
My dream house will solve the issues of accommodation
My dream car will cater for my transportation
My dream business is my financial liberation
But unfortunately I do not live in isolation
The Ghanaian dream is too narrow
What about the other Ghanaian in sorrow
The Ghanaian dream should be about a better tomorrow
As Ghanaian we must plant trees we will treasure
These are trees we will never sit under
The Ghanaian dream should be about a brighter future


the ghanaian dream

The Ghanaian dream has been in existence since independence. Every Ghanaian dreams of a happy life devoid of debts, poverty and ill health.
The Ghanaian dream remains the same for every Ghanaian but the dreamer’s taste may change depending on the social class the dreamer is from. The Ghanaian dream consist of the following`

ghanaian dream 2
1. The Dream House
Ghana’s housing deficit has made home ownership a dream in Ghana. Every Ghanaian wants to be a landlord or landlady at a certain point in time. Rent advance and monthly rent repayments have a heavy toll on the personal finances of most Ghanaians.
The Ghanaian home ownership dream is not just about the house but also the location which greatly depends on the social class and income levels of the dreamer.

ghanaian dream 4

2. The Dream Car
The hustle for uncomfortable public transport coupled with the country’s bad transportation system make car ownership a dream for every Ghanaian. Ghanaians don’t like the stress of hustling for public transport and waiting in long queues for hours just to board a bus. The Ghanaian dream car is the SUV popularly called 4X4. Ghanaians love these types of cars of the bad roads in the country. The Ghanaian dream of having a car is at its peak during the rainy season where commuters find it difficult moving from one place to the other
No matter how nice your house is, Ghanaians will never deem you successful until you have a very nice car preferably a 4X4

ghanaian dream 3
3. The Dream Business
Every Ghanaian is a businessman or woman and dreams of owning their own business. Ghanaians normally want to make profit from every business opportunity and have a soft spot for businessmen and women. Ghanaians who are unemployed and idle at home are seen as lazy in the sight of the society. The dream business also comes with social recognition and respect whiles putting food on the table for the family.
So if you want to make a Ghanaian dream come through think about a house, a car and a business.