3 Reasons Why the Ghanaian Middle Class Must take Up Entrepreneurship

Julian and Rebekah Opuni

Middle class Ghana consists of mostly salaried and professional Ghanaians who earn study income and form the second largest Ghanaian class pool. Entrepreneurship in Ghana is mostly targeted at the inexperienced unemployed Ghanaians who have no idea about business and are just out of school which is wrong. Entrepreneurship must be targeted at the middle class Ghanaians who have the desire to do it and here are the reasons

Experience and Exposure of the Middle Class
Since the middle class Ghana are mostly working professionals like teachers, nurses and bankers, Entrepreneurs from the middle class have the working experience and some technical know-how which gives them the necessary exposure to start and sustain businesses successfully.

Availability of Start-up Capital
Middle class Ghanaians like I said previously are mostly working professionals and when encouraged can save some of their salaries as seed capital to start their small businesses.

Social Responsibility to the Lower Class
As Ghanaians were are responsible for our fellow Ghanaians. The lower class who form the majority of the Ghanaian class pool are no strangers; they are our friends and family members. The middle class can provide employment to the lower class through entrepreneurship and thereby impacting their lives positively.

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7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why the Ghanaian Middle Class Must take Up Entrepreneurship

  1. That’s a nice piece bro. And its on point too. Middle class people also have that professionalism to add more taste to their products. They can also brand their products better making then look good on the Ghanaian market.

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  2. I in the university of Ghana have for the past ten years being drumming these same ideas into the heads of our brothers and sisters who come here for degrees, but they usually see you as somebody from a different planet. thank you so much my brother. help them to appreciate humble beginnings.

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