6 Things the New Africa Must Have

new africa

The new Africa must be a place that inspires hope and confidence. The new Africa must have practical solutions to the problems Africa is currently facing. The new Africa must have an identity of its own and should be able to make global impact. For this to happen, the new Africa must have the following.


The African Plan
The new Africa must have an African plan which clearly shows how the continent wants to position itself globally in the near future. The plan must carefully address Africa’s past problems like famine and wars whiles planning on how to use Africa’s abundant natural resources strategically.

modern african city

A Model African Country
South Africa has been Africa’s model country for some time now. It can boast of natural resources and a strong economy. The problem with South Africa is that many analysts link its success to the influence of the whites who still live in the country and call themselves white South Africans. The Northern African Countries are doing great but prefers to be called Arabs rather than Africans. Africa needs a new model country devoid of foreign influences that can be the Hope of Africa.


A Functioning African Reserve Bank
Switzerland is the world’s bank when it comes to global financial savings. Most African individuals and countries prefer to keep their monies in Swiss banks because they have confidence in them. Africa needs an African Reserve Bank that can keep Africa’s monies… simple.

african industry

An Industrial Hub
The new Africa needs an industrial hub to produce the things Africans need. This industrial hub would be strategic because it would cut off China’s supply of inferior goods to African and provide custom goods and services that serve the needs of Africans whiles creating employment for Africans.


A United African Currency
No single currency from Africa would be taken seriously on the world market because of intimidation from super currencies like the Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen but a united African currency powered by several industrial African nations can stand the test of time.

media africa

An African Media Power House
The Americans have CNN, the Europeans have BBC and Reuters and the Arabs Al Jazeera. These global news agencies project their countries of origin in a positive light whiles Africa is left in darkness. Africa is left to suffer because there is no media power house serving its interest. Africa needs to set its own news agenda.

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10 thoughts on “6 Things the New Africa Must Have

  1. its a good start, my fear is you don’t get tired along the way.just because people wont listen doesn’t mean you should stop talking. let this be a stepping stone, gather your motivation from the hope you have in Africa. and don’t forget there are people that believe in what you believe too….AFRICA WILL RISE

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