Kofi Ofori-Mensah has extensive knowledge in the microfinance industry in Ghana that includes the trends and evolution of microfinance in Ghana West Africa. Kofi Ofori-Mensah believes that microfinance is the solution to Africa’s economical problems and a passionate approach towards microfinance in Africa will bread a new generation of passionate young entrepreneurs who will forever change the face of Africa to the world. A well managed microfinance industry will encourage creativity and also be a source of funds to start brilliant ideas.
I chose to specialise in the microfinance industry to play an impacting role in the lives of the actively working poor Ghanaian. My dream goes beyond just giving out money but creating new and sustainable development plan in terms housing, education and all other economic activities.
I’m a passionate learner of the trade and the industry and will make the best out of any opportunity given me to take microfinance in Africa to the next level.