A Poem to Mahama


Our country is in crisis
Mahama we cannot afford these prices
Electricity problems and social vices
Parents cannot afford school fees
Schools are still under trees
School children eat from the same bowls in twos and in threes
Electricity is not stable
No food on my table
I believed in the better Ghana agenda
Your political opponents said it was propaganda
Yet to me you were a youthful leader
Soon it was GYEEDA and SUBA
Your ministers no longer care
They create loot and share
Ghanaians look on yet the pain we bear
Ghanaians are not asking for streets of gold
Mahama give us our Ghana of old
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My African Hope

African hope

Each and every passing day

I try to keep my dreams alive

I always pray

And work very hard

Like the only bee in a hive

I work diligently with hope

In all situations I try to cope

When situations become bad

I do not become sad

But try to work hard

Because I have a dream

And mine is to keep it alive

Even if I go through the storm

My hopes will keep me warm

Because I know I have a dream

And one day I will famously cross the stream



Technology and culture must dance, let’s give them some chance

Inventions must be useful, the new Africa is peaceful

Technology is killing tradition, African inventors need indignation

They must be responsible for new inventions

The African alternatives, Europe must be a substitute

Our everyday life must move, Africa has a point to prove

What happened to our African Technology?

Where is the African Philosophy?

Let’s take advantage of foreign education

We can make it an African evolution

This is the beginning of the African technology


people power

Our survival as a people depends on our walk

Forget our leaders all they do is talk

Their hearts are as hard as rock

Ignorance they have stocked

Our national treasures have been blocked

Our leaders continue to fail, yet we hail

Their actions are irresponsible

Make them accountable

Pressure we can shower

As a people we have the power

We have to make things better

We must be clever, never say never!

We are the architects of this great nation

Our survival depends on our walk

Forget our leaders all they do is talk


African flood

If the land awaits the rain anxiously

And it comes suddenly

And looks at the land angrily

And pours down heavily

And would not stop

But fill the land to the top

And there was a serious flood

And the damage causes a lot of blood

And the sun will not shine

And between the land and the sky there is no line

And the emptiness caused by the desert is filled with the nothingness left by the waters

And the land and its inhibitors suffer

And nothing is left in its coffer

And soon comes a sign

That the sun will shine

And all will be fine

And the rain stops and the sun shine

And conditions become favorable

That even the grass can cope

Because there is hope

Will the land ever hope for the rain again?

The African God

African God

The African God left Africa in the time of my Great Great grandfather

The African God was made so little he was a laughing matter

Under his shrine the people no longer gathered

All good intentions for his people broken and shattered

The African God was reduced to a river, tree or a rock

Indeed the African God was made a laughing stock

The African God that had protected the African since creation is now evil

He is now a fake or lesser God ask the Bible

Africa has rejected its own

Foreign culture and influence has grown

The African history is not a lie

The African God is you and I

Though disappointed the African God will not leave

He is still with us just believe


African Rain

Let the farmers rejoice

And let the leaves and air dance with one voice

Let the sun sway

And behind the clouds let it stay

There, let it remain for the rest of the day

Let the children shout and say

Rain! Rain! Go away!

Let the lightning and thunder make a great noise

Then let the birds and cricket sing

All to crown a new king

Be He big or be He small

His name shall always remain rainfall.



The housing deficit, who does it benefit?

Is it about the society or about profit?

Simple resources we cannot commit

The ratio of citizen to house is abnormal

This is a huge problem, make it formal

All our roads are bad and this makes me sad

Because as a country we work hard

Yet our infrastructure is not strong

What is wrong?

When your landlord calls, your heart beats

When the rain falls, your roof leaks

We live in uncomfortable halls yet we cannot speak

We are all afraid to live in the streets

The housing deficit, who does it benefit?

Poem: My Ghanaian mindset


In my mind we have a bright future as a country

In my mind we are a part of a great history

A history that has a story

A story that will not let us worry

A story we will not say sorry

Because we are a country of great potential

Great land great credential

Ghana first that is essential

A country that has a continent to inspire

A country whose people keep moving with desire

A country that will not retire

Poem: Why governments will always fail Africa


What we seek is not treasure

What we see is the bigger picture

Politicians will always let this beautiful country down

They are all just after the crown

A crown they have not sown

A crown they don’t own

A crown that comes with lots of rules

Rules they have no clue

Clues that have their origin in the West

A west that thinks it’s the best

The best but thinks less of the rest

The rest is where you and I belong

We can form our own government come along

Just change the way you think that is all

Africans need Africans hear the call

Governments only seek their welfare that is a wall

Name your children Kofi and Ama forget Paul

Governments occupy themselves with formalities

They are not built around you and I but elite personalities

As the clock ticks they play tricks

Their favorite game politics

When we think of one another we set this country on sails

We smile even when the government fails